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Post Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2022 2:32 am   Working on a transition.


Turtle mom of 2 indoor RES named Lilo and Stitch (also featuring plecos Scrump and Dart), couple year lurker of turtle forums and first time joiner.

Have received some wonderful ideas lurking here, such as filtration devices and pool filter sand for my chronic digger and boot scooter (Lilo) who makes too much noise with rocks when I am trying to sleep during the day (graveyard shift worker).

Now looking to transition the shell kids to outdoors, both to free up some space in my tiny apartment, and to give them some more natural air and sun. Have just moved into this apartment, and it has a very small backyard in which I will be gardening in movable planter boxes, and I have already purchased and placed a preformed 125 gallon pond. Because it is an apartment yard, I will be using it above ground and plan on bolstering it when full, and already have mental blueprints for a screen.

And now I lurk, looking for ideas to safely transition them to an outdoors habitat for the warmer months, as well as changing their indoor habitat for winters to more closely match their outdoor pond (ie, some kind of a pond form or stock tank in lieu of the insanely heavy clear glass tank, so that I can more easily move it to storage when not in use)

Doing tons of research before tossing them out there, and welcome to ideas!
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Post Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2022 12:57 pm   Re: Working on a transition.

Welcome to the forum! Those preformed ponds are pretty shallow, you need to be careful they don't overheat. You can probably drag the stock tank outdoors when you need to.
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