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Post Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 3:47 pm   Hi from Guatemala

Hi! I would like to present myself. I now own 5 Red Ear Sliders! Here's a bit of my story. I've always loved turtles:

When I was a kid I had a Red Ear Slider. I didn't really know how to take care of it, so I had it in my backyard. It lived with me for about 10 years until my sister's dog started scratching her shell so I gave it to my grandmother for caring. After living with her for over 20 years, my turtle passed away after an attack from bullet ants.

Fast forward to June 2019, my son wanted a pet and I thought why not turtles! This time doing it right though, so I bought him a couple of RES in the standard tank the pet show provided (5 gal). Pretty soon it became too small for them as I started noticing bullying from one of the turtles to the other, also the bully started getting a lot bigger than the other one. I got a guy to make me a 80 gallon tank with an overhead basking area.

I got excited so after a few months I bought another couple of RES this time for me, and I originally placed them in the large tank with the previous two, but the larger one started bullying them as well, so I placed them in the 5 gallon tank for now.

around 3 weeks ago one of my buddies had a RES of his own, and could not keep it anymore so he asked if I could take care of it. I was reluctant at first because I already had 4 but I accepted since I did not want the turtle to be homeless.

so now I have:
1. Tortu - largest one (almost 5 inches long), very friendly with humans, almost seems trained sometimes! Not so friendly with other turtles...
2. Manolita - my buddy's turtle (almost 4 inches long), she tries hard not to be intimidated by Tortu, I like her.
3. Manchitas - very shy turtle (almost 3 inches long), she is very shy and hides a lot. Has trouble basking as she has I believe a very passive personality
4. Ragnar - little brave turtle (almost 2 inches long), she got hurt pretty bad by Tortu, but it's because she's very brave. She eats pretty good and is pretty chill.
5. Lagertha - spoiled little turtle (little 1 1/2 inches long), she's pretty friendly too, however I have not been able to make her eat anything other than Fish and dried shrimp.

I will send pics afterwards. One thing to note is that a couple of weeks ago I moved the turtle tanks to my backyard because I felt they were not getting enough sun/basking time. I had UV/heat lamps inside but I feel it was not enough. This might have its cons as the sunlight is making the water go green.

I feed them in a separate tank as well to try to maintain water cleaner.
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Post Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 5:25 pm   Re: Hi from Guatemala

Welcome to the forum! Glass tanks (especially smaller ones) are really not suitable for outdoors, and they can overheat quickly. You might be looking at creating a pond, but even then 5 turtles are a lot to manage.
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