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Post Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:54 pm   New Here--Meet Tiny Tim! Any advice welcomed and appreciated

Hello! Im new here! My hsuband works at Petco and the other day a lady brought in this lil guy in and said she cannot care for him correctly. I dont think he had any light, uvb uva or heat and didnt have enough water to even put his head in :( Im pretty sure he is a yellow belly slider, right? From what I have researched thats what he is and his care should be the same as a RES. Is that correct? i've never had a turtle before. I have leopard geckos, crested geckos and bearded dragons. So this is all new to me. Now trying to figure out a basking area -_- so difficult for me! Im already in love with the little guy though! Hubby just planned to find him another home but I decided to keep him :D :mrgreen:
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Post Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:14 pm   Re: New Here--Meet Tiny Tim! Any advice welcomed and appreci

Hi! Yes the care should be similar and he looks like a "she". There are possible shell issues, so you might want to clean her up a little for a closer examination. Are you going to use that as a temporary setup?
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