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Hello! Yesterday evening we found a small (about 1.5 inch) RES in our backyard pool. We live near Houston, Texas. My family has always been very fond of turtles. We even had a family of turtles tiled into our swimming pool. Anyway, my kids have asked for a turtle many times before. They would love to keep this one as a pet. I did a little research today and found this site. We currently have the turtle in a large galvanized tub filled with water, an aerator and a large stone basking area. I bought some water plants for it today and some dried pellets and baby shrimp etc. The tub is outside partly under our covered patio and partly sticking out into the non covered area. We put our domed screen cover from our fire pit over the tub so the turtle would be safe from predators. This is a temporary habitat as we learn more and decide whether or not to keep it as a pet. I would love to keep it as a pet and keep his habitat outdoors. I would especially love if we could build a fountain / stone pond area in our yard. I would appreciate any nice feedback about keeping the RES as a pet or what to do with him and how much an outdoor pond area might cost us to have built. Thank you!!
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