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Post Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2022 12:41 am   Happy to have found this site!

I’m new to being a turtle parent, I have 2 cats & now a RES. Sheldon is at least 6 years old. We found him at my aunts when she died 4/2017. I had already decided to take her cat so I convinced my older brother to take Sheldon (who I determined to be a male RES thanks to google at that time). My brother died this past April (2022), I had a friend who was going to take him but I wound up bonding with the dude. My brother had him in a turtle tub & when I decided to keep him I upgraded to a 75 gallon aquarium (also easier to keep the cats away from him though honestly the water keeps them from getting too too curious). Over the last several months I’ve learned quite a bit. A few weeks ago Sheldon decided to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt he was a male (turtle fanning is not something I was prepared for!!). All in all, he’s been a fantastic addition to my house. I never knew turtles were so funny & personable.

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Post Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2022 8:33 am   Re: Happy to have found this site!

Hi Michele, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your aunt and brother but glad to know Sheldon is in great hands! We are more active on the Facebook group page, though this forum and decade+ of information will still be here for those who need it.

RES truly are funny & personable... each with their own interesting personalities. Pretty smart too and very good at begging :)
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