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Post Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:44 pm   Heat sources for box turtles?

Do any of you have an additional source of heat for your boxies? Since I've had Apollo I've been using a 100w MVB, along with a flowerpot heater given to me by the rehabber who rescued him. It's basically a 15w incandescent bulb suspended in an upside down terra cotta flowerpot, set inside a slightly larger pot. Since we moved, Apollo has decided that the heater is the best thing over and climbs over it again and again all day long. Aside from the fact that he's not exactly nimble and I worry about him flipping over or landing on his face, there are also metal clips that hold the bulb in place, and I'm afraid he'll cut himself if he ever slips on them. (As I type this he's doing it again) So I'm wondering what wonderful and creative things you guys have done? I'm thinking I'll head to the craft store and look for a different kind of pot and fixture, so maybe I can rig up something similar but less treacherous. But if there are better ideas I'd love to hear them!

Also, Apollo came out to roam for a while today, so I finally have new pics which I'll post soon!
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Post Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:48 am   Re: Heat sources for box turtles?

I use a heat emitter on one side of the vivarium, and on the other side a long tube UVB (light fixture for a 10 gal tank) This is just for my hatchling that's inside. All the others are outside for the summe.
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