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Post Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:59 am   Box turtle foods

Gherkin the Eastern Boxie is over 6 months old now and really starting to be more active now that spring is here. He is eating, But will only eat mealworms. I have been trying all different things to get him to eat other things. He did eat a red wiggler ONCE and sometimes he will take a wax worm, but that's as adventurous as this picky eater will get. I have a hard time with keeping waxworms and red wigglers, they always seem to die. I tried crickets (I even 'immoblized' the crickets) but he wants no part of that. I tried zoomeds canned box turtle food, and the pellets too. I tried trowing a worm on top to 'trick' him into trying it, I tried some baby food, some Green leaf lettuce, STRAWBERRIES (I thought those were supposed to be box turtle CRACK or something?!?) and he doesn't want anything that isn't moving and worm like. (oh and I even tried wiggling his food so he would THINK it was alive, it didn't work)

Any ideas, or is this normal for a hatchling? I know with Pickle when he was small, he wouldn't eat veggies either, until one day, he just started eating them all the time.
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Post Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:57 pm   

My youngest Three Toed is about 7 months old. I get pill bugs from Carolina Pet Supply. The feed their bugs with good food, and are very nutricious for your boxies. My little guys love them. I put a little tub with some warm water in and put the tub right in the vivarium, so not to stress him out. The water prevents the pill bugs from climbing out. Along with the pill bugs I put some tiny tutle food pellets. I start out the hatchlings with frozen blood worms.
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