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YBS in need of a new home in the Baltimore area!!

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 4:34 pm
by NYstyle
Unfortunately, I have a three year old, female YBS that needs a new home. She's about 6-8" long and in a 40 breeder, which she's been in for the past year or so. She's got a healthy appetite. I've mixed her diet by rotating Zoomed, Flukers, Tetra. She's also had a mix of Blood worms, Black worms, ghost shrimp, cray fish, and even on unlucky Blue lobster. My family and I will be separated for an extended period of time, and my wife can't handle the tank maintenance. I'd rather not drop her off at a pet shop, since I've had her since she was the size of a quarter when I first picked her up.