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Post Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:49 am   Advanced Basking Technique (+ Portrait)

Samuel has had some weird habits over the years, but his new favorite basking pose might be the oddest! He's able to get up and down easily, though it seemed to me like a graceful dismount wouldn't be possible.

I am slightly concerned that he could flip himself upside down this way, so I might re-build the ATBA with a lower roof--any thoughts on whether or not that's necessary? I also wonder if it means he wants his lamp closer to him; he has a MVB so I can't position it any closer, but I could supplement with a lamp that's solely for heating...

In any case, enjoy this series of photos documenting his peculiar habit--with a bonus picture alongside his portrait at the end :)

First time I caught him in this pose:

In full disc mode with legs tucked in:

Fat tail:

Highest I've seen him get so far (this one makes me rethink the height of his ATBA!):

Finally, a more normal picture, with a portrait done in watercolor by a friend:
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Post Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:48 am   Re: Advanced Basking Technique (+ Portrait)

I don't think you have to lower, but it would be a good precaution down the line. If Samuel has no shell issues, he should be able to upright himself if he has too.

He looks very comfortable. Would adding something for him to climb on help?

Nice painting, your friend is pretty talented :)
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