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Post Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:42 am   Any Advice?

Hey everyone! This is my red ear slider set up, I am not happy but it is a huuuge upgrade than what I had before. I have 5 sliders; 1 young adult?, 2 juveniles, and 2 hatchlings. The story behind my turtles is my older brother gave my family the juveniles as a present before he left for the military. They were hatchlings at the time with the basic water heater, water filter, a basking spot and a light header that had no heat or UVB. At the time I had no clue at all the the turtles care would be in my hands but i'm not complaining I love them all. Anyways as time went by i got two more babies and my two original turtles were being pigs eating all the food so I had to separate the two hatchlings. Moving forward a little bit, my house is under contruction and I am moving these turtles and all my other animals everywhere. This was stressing me out because I could tell my animals were getting stressed and stress leads no where good!!! so one of my hatchlings got sick, wasn't eating, moving, or swimming. It tore my heart seeing the poor little thing so weak. I ended up cranking up the heat inside the hatchling tank and would take the baby off the dock to make it swim. Eventually I sat all the animals outside to get UVB and within time my baby is better! Moving day I was out hanging with my boyfriend when my dad texts me that our neighbor is giving away his tanks for free. He has 4 tanks and I snagged one and it's what my turtles are currently in. I know I have to take out the pebbles, and I have been thinking about getting a UVB bulb but I live in the dessert and would rather let them be outside with a screen protector. I also want to build a basking dock but I'm not a great builder and so whatever input you guys have please don't hold back (please be nice though lol) Thanks everyone!! btw the bottom of my tank is my hatchling tortoise named 'Torta" lol :D
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Post Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:41 pm   Re: Any Advice?

You need to be very aware that once they are older, they might need complete separation (especially males). Not sure with what's going on in the tank, but you should remove gravel/small rocks as a substrate.
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